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For most, openly sharing that you’ve slept with Cheryl‘s real life actual ex-husband on national TV would probably be avoided.

The feisty Ex on the Beach lady has certainly not shied away from the Celebrity Big Brother cameras- and it…

“A lot of girls think they have to be dippy, they have to be seen on the arm of a footballer and that is the wrong way to go.” Bit it seems that Chelsea player Ashley Cole has persuaded her that he is worth a chance!

Anna, who has admitted to three boob jobs, has a reputation on The Valleys for speaking her mind, and worked in the Navy and as a bouncer before her career as a glamour model and photographer.

"He seemed besotted." And Ashley is reported to have driven Anna back to Cardiff on Sunday, so she could take part in filming for the show.

Anna, 32, later posted a picture of the pair of them on Twitter, writing: "London fun with Ashley x." And she added: "Amazing time in London." Anna's .

She believes the Chelsea star would help boost ratings.

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MTV reality star Anna was spotted with Ashley in London’s Chelsea Harbour before joining four others and going to a club at the luxurious May Fair Hotel."They looked smitten and were whispering into each other's ears." And another said: "They were in a corner snogging like teenagers."They were kissing and cuddling and laughing and Ashley was playing with her hair.Now the model agency owner wants the pair to become Cardiff’s Posh and Becks.Bisexual nymphomaniac Anna, 31, told MTV bosses they should pull out all the stops to get Cole in the show, being filmed in Cardiff.

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